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Small-Town Quality of Life in Michigan and New Hampshire

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

(Participant) "Growing up in a small town was small schools. People knew each other. It was a level of comfort. Not a lot of crime, a lot of outdoor activity, and family was important."

(Interviewer) "What kinds of sports did they have in your town?"

(Participant) "All school sports: baseball, football, cheerleading, track."

(Interviewer) "Did you participate?"

(Participant) "I was a track star as a freshmen, got my senior letter and then cheerleaded for a while. My kids are better athletes than me."

(Interviewer) "And you live in a small town in New Hampshire now?"

(Participant) "I do. I was born and raised in Oscoda, Michigan, and I live in Conway, New Hampshire. And, it's a similar experience for my kids that I had. We purposefully moved there to raise them in a small town. Yeah, we did. We have no money, but we have a really good quality of life."

(Interviewer) "I love it."

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