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Museum on Main Street staff filming video

Webinars and Videos

In addition to downloadable resources, MoMS and its partners occasionally develop videos and webinars to help host organizations and other interested professionals. Check out these fun and valuable resources.


The Power of Cultural Storytelling and Place-Based Narrative

Developed by our partners at the MuseWeb Foundation, this webinar explores the importance of storytelling to interpreting a community's history and culture. Interested in encouraging storytelling and collection in your community? Start here.


Cultural Storytelling: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Also from our friends at MuseWeb, this webinar discusses the attributes of good cultural storytelling and provides some great thoughts on what (and what not) to do when collecting stories in your community.


Finding a Home for Your Story Online

You've got great stories. Where should you post them? (Well, we've got you covered right here with Stories from Main Street!) But, you should consider posting your stories to multiple platforms. Each has its own unique attributes. Our friends at MuseWeb created this webinar to help you determine the platforms that will best serve your town's stories.


Sharing, Promotion and the Ripple Effect

You've got great stories and you've posted them to all of the appropriate web outlets. What do you do next? Watch this webinar for tips from our colleagues at MuseWeb on promoting your stories and developing interest in your community's history and culture.

Share Your Story with Stories from Main Street

Check out how easy it is to share your story on this website!


Crossroads Installation Video

Ready to assemble Crossroads? Watch this video to help ensure a safe and easy installation.


Water/Ways Installation Video

Build it right! Catch up on installation techniques for Water/Ways in this tutorial.


Voices and Votes Installation Video

Prepare for your Voices and Votes installation with this introduction to assembly concepts.


Downloadable Resources