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Feel free to give the MoMS team a call or send us an email. We will be happy to speak with you about our program, submitting stories to this website, booking exhibitions, installation issues, docent training, or anything else.

Portrait of Carol Harsh

Carol Harsh

Associate Director for MoMS & Community Engagement


Call Carol to book MoMS exhibitions, to schedule a MoMS orientation for your humanities council, or for questions on state council closeout reports


Portrait of Robbie Davis

Robbie Davis

Project Director


Call Robbie for help with Crossroads or Water/Ways exhibition content, MoMS' website, retired exhibitions, and the Stories from Main Street project


Portrait of Terri Cobb

Terri Cobb



Call Terri for help with exhibition shipping, condition, and logistics questions; to report exhibit damage or for questions on venue closeout reports


Portrait of Tiffany Cheng

Tiffany Cheng

Multimedia Specialist


Call Tiffany for help with exhibition content, audio, and video content for Voices and Votes

Portrait of Jennifer Schommer

Jennifer Schommer

Assistant Director for Public Affairs


Call Jennifer with questions about MoMS public relations and social media

Portrait of Selwyn Ramp

Selwyn Ramp

Assistant Project Director


Call Selwyn for help with exhibition content for Starter Kits: WORK and FOOD, evaluation and closeout reports, and MoMS publications


Sydney Thatcher

Sydney Thatcher

Youth Programs Coordinator


Call Sydney for more information on our Coming Home and Stories: YES youth programs.


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