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Current Exhibitions: Now Showing!

Crossroads (2018-2024)

Winter crossroads

Rural America changed dramatically during the 20th century. Crossroads explores how people responded to change and sets the stage for people everywhere to engage in thinking about the future of our rural communities.

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Hometown Teams (2014-2020)


Hometown sports are more than just games - they shape our lives and unite our communities.  This exhibit explores the roles that sports play in American society.

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Starter Kit: WORK (2020-present)

A wave

Work is an important part of American life and integral to every town's history. Explore this unique exhibition project that combines local history with Smithsonian expertise.

Information Coming Soon

Voices and Votes (2020-2026)

American democracy asks for action, reaction, vision, and revision as we continue to question how to form “a more perfect union.” Everyone in every community is part of this ever-evolving story – the story of democracy in America.

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Water / Ways (2016-2022)

A wave

Water is an essential component of life on our planet.  This exhibition explores the role water plays in human society and culture and the importance of protecting this critical resource.

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Future Exhibitions: Coming Soon

What's Next??

Downtown Glasgow, Kentucky

Watch this space in 2021 for the announcement of the next MoMS exhibition. Stay tuned!

What Will it Be?

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Past Exhibitions

Morenci barn

Barn Again

Between Fences Hanley Falls, Minnesota 2009

Between Fences

Junction City, Kansas 2009 Float

Journey Stories

Vidalia, Georgia Onion Ring Contest Winner, 2009

Key Ingredients

New Harmonies: Quaker Heritage Center of  Wilmington College Ohio 2011

New Harmonies

Produce for Victory: Rosie the Riveter in Meridian, Mississippi

Produce for Victory

The Way We Worked

Yesterday's Tomorrows

Yesterday's Tomorrows