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Skinny-Dipping Surprise in Minnesota

Lanesboro, Minnesota

Story Narrative:

"Well, I lived near a dam, and the runoff came down through our town. I was in the eighth grade, and I wandered around a lot as a young girl. I found this pool that was all built up, just wanting for me, and it was after school, and I took off everything! And, I got in the water, and I just enjoyed myself. Oh, it was just absolutely heavenly. It was a nice summer day. The water was clear. A little car came in with a rumble seat, and there were about four boys in it.

And they said, 'You got to get out!' I said, 'I'm not getting out while you guys are here. You have to go back there and around that bank, and I'll get out.' So they did. They took their little car and went back there. Nice boys. They had to be nice boys. So the first thing I did was grab my panties, and I put 'em on in the water. And, of course, I had to go past the boys going home. I just stuck my nose up in the air and just walked right by them, and never looked one way or the other!"

This story was collected as part of a collaborative effort to record, gather, and share stories about small-town America. Listen to other stories recorded by storytellers from Lanesboro, Minnesota, for the "Be Here: Main Street" project on the Be Here: Lanesboro channel.

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