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Growing Up in Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Story Narrative:

"I grew up in a small town, and I think that--in Lewistown, Pennsylvania--Lewistown was the town, McClure was the smaller town--And, I think that people who grow up in small towns are more respectful of other people. They have a better sense of family because you don't have all the other things to distract you other than your family. I think you become closer with your friends because, again, there's less to distract you from spending time and getting to know people and learning about people in the community."

Part of the "Stories from Main Street" project--an effort to collect stories about small-town life across the United States. The project was the brainchild of the Smithsonian's "Museum on Main Street" program, an initiative that brings traveling exhibitions about subjects of national importance to small towns across America.

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