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Bus Ride Memories in Northwest Ohio

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

"Yes. I grew up in a small rural community in Northwest Ohio. I think the best thing about living in a small town is the safety and security you have. Everyone knew my parents, so they looked out for me. An example of that is, when I was in first grade I had an hour bus ride to school, and it was a long day for a little girl, so sometimes I was the last stop for the school bus driver, and he'd find me asleep in the back of the bus, and he'd pick me up and carry me into my parent's house, and they would visit for a while. 

We never had a telephone, so people would drop in at any time of the day, and you always had to have something ready to offer them and that was just nice. You were always ready ... visitors were always welcome and when you needed something you'd just go knock on your neighbor's door and they would help you out. There was a real feeling of safety and security living in a small town."

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