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Curator of Heritage Museum of Orange County Speaking about Journeys

As told by Kevin Cabrera
Santa Ana, California

Story Narrative:

"My favorite vacation journey story must have been about three years ago, I jumped on my bicycle and decided to do a journey, a trip up the coast of California from Anaheim, California, to San Luis Obispo. Took me about three days. I was all by myself, just my bicycle and my backpack, no cell phone, and a credit card just in case I needed to purchase anything and some cash.

It was the most exciting journey, vacation, mini-vacation that I’ve ever had. It was exhilarating. It was just me on the road with my bicycle maps and following these bicycle trails leading me up from Orange County to San Luis Obispo. And I would say that’s probably been my favorite vacation journey story. This is Kevin Cabrera from the Heritage Museum of Orange County. I am the director of collections, curator at the museum."

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