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Working in the Watauga County, North Carolina, Court System--Diana Deal and Karen Macias

As told by Diane Deal and Karen Macias
Foscoe, North Carolina

Story Narrative:

Interview with Diane Deal and Karen Macias in Foscoe, North Carolina, by Willard Watson, for the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, in conjunction with the Smithsonian's "The Way We Worked" exhibition. 

What do you do for a living?
KM – "I am an assistant clerk of Superior Court and the Watauga County Courthouse for Diane Deal who is the clerk of court."
DD – "I began working in the clerk’s office in 1979. In 2009 I retired for about 18 months and prepared my campaign and ran for office, I came back in 2010 as the elected clerk of court for Watauga County. I am in the last year of my second term in office. I will be running for clerk again this year, I file in February. So this will be my third term as clerk, if I win."
KM – "And she’s going to win and run another term, because we need retirement."
DD – "I have a great staff, there are 14 people other than myself that work in my office. We have five assistant clerks and everyone else is a deputy clerk. In the clerk’s office there are basically three positions, you are either a deputy clerk, or an assistant clerk, or you are the clerk. The assistants basically can do everything the clerk does."

How long have to worked there?
DD – "I was working at a local bank and the clerk of court at the time in the 70s was a Mr. John T. Bingham. He happened to bank at the bank that I worked at as a teller and he came in one day to make a deposit, he left as he normally would and then he called me, when he got back to his office he called me and he offered me a job. He offered me a job as a deputy clerk in that office. At that time, I absolutely had no idea what the clerk of court was about. I did know that if you were summonsed for jury duty you had to go to the court house, because I had been summonsed for jury duty at one time in my life. Other than that I knew very little about the court system. So before I made the decision to go to the court house and take this job which I have had for so many years . . . "

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