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Working at a Firearms Company, New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Story Narrative:

Talk about your first job.

Speaker 1: Okay, and what was the story about working at the firearms company?

Speaker 2: Colt firearms. It was when I was in college and in between my freshman year and my sophomore year. I worked in the maintenance crew, and we worked from 3:00 in the afternoon until midnight. And at that point, what we were doing was cleaning up all the things that they didn't have time to do during the year, so we'd clean machines, and we'd replace the oil. But the most interesting night ... Oh, and the other part of that was because we were a college crew, when we had dinner, which was generally about 7:00, we'd go out and either throw a football around, or baseball. And meanwhile, all the other workers were sitting there watching us, and so we were their entertainment. In addition, one night we got the assignment to go up on the fault ceiling above the executive office because people had, over the years, just tossed stuff up there. So we were cleaning up there, walking on high beams about an inch wide. And one of the guys slipped, and went down through the ceiling, caught himself on each arm, but was hanging over the secretary's desk ... the secretary to the president, who was there and screamed!

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