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Working and Cooking on the Farm, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

Speaker 1: "I remember my grandma cooking on a wood stove out at the farm. You used to have to put the wood in on like one corner of it and you used to cook on it. You had a fireplace though in the living room also, an old fireplace. But like with my grandpa in the barn, they didn't have milkers. He did it by hand. Yeah, he had like 15 or 20 of them. He went out every morning and mom said he used to do it fast. Mom helped him. She grew up there. She used to play accordion in the evening and my grandpa played the violin."

Speaker 2: "Did they feel it was a hard life?"

Speaker 1: "Well, they knew it was really hard, but I don't know, they had good times. They used to get together with the neighbors across the street from them. They would go back and forth and help on each other's farms to get the wheat in somehow with a sickle. I don't know, they did it all by hand, the wheat and stuff.

Speaker 2: "About what year was this? Around what time?"

Speaker 1: "Let's see, maybe the early 1900s, around there."

Speaker 2: "So it wasn't automated? It was all by hand?"

Speaker 1: "It was all by hand. I mean and if there was automated I'm sure they couldn't have afforded it back then either. "

Speaker 2: "Did your grandpa tell you about these stories?"

Speaker 1: "Oh, yeah. He told us about a bunch of stories."

Speaker 2: "Did he seem happy?"

Speaker 1: "Oh, yeah. He was happy." Speaker 2: "That's wonderful. Thank you so much."

Speaker 1: "Thank you"

Speaker 2: " I appreciate it."


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