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Well Water vs. City Water in Minnesota

Winona, Minnesota

Story Narrative:

This story was collected as part of a collaborative effort to record the state of American lakes, rivers, and waterways as well an attempt to uncover what water means to Americans. Listen to other stories recorded for the Be Here: Main Street project, a collaboration with the MuseWeb Foundation to record stories from rural America. 

"The story that I tell, we lived in our house since 1970 . . .  when we moved in, we are right in the city limits of Winona, and we have been on well water. We enjoy that water. Our grass grows better than any city main that comes along. And because of contamination in the house next to us, we've now hooked up to city water. And, if I had my choice, I would go back to my well water because of the taste. We're very, very happy with the water. It was not contaminated in our house yet but it was working that way to it. So, here we are, modern society, and I am now using city water, against my request. Thank you. [What's your name?] Harley Antroff."

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