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Voting for Bond Issues in Woodbine, Iowa

Woodbine, Iowa

Story Narrative:

Speaker 1: Name a time when your voice or your vote made a difference or changed history for your community, state, or even the nation.

Speaker 2: I believe that my vote in the bond issue for the school greatly impacted our community. It allowed the school district to upgrade, not only the facilities but the educational programming for the students then as well as students in the future, which you three are those students in the future, and we look for that to continue into the future. And when a bond issue has to pass by 60%, it literally comes down to every vote counts. And it's important as you continue to get to the point where you can vote to remain interested in your community, not just as a place to live, but as a place to raise families and to keep that community alive going forward into the future for future generations.

So voting is a right not everybody enjoys, and it's one that should be taken seriously, and you should participate in it every time you have the opportunity.

Speaker 3: I have a follow-up question. What was the voting on it? how many votes or the percentage?

Speaker 2: The third time it passed, I believe it passed, I believe, I don't remember for sure, but it seemed like it passed 61, 62%. So, we felt very, very, very fortunate that not only that we reached the 60%, but we exceeded the 60% majority.

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Date recorded: Nov. 26, 2019, 11:55 a.m.
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