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Volunteering to Work on Bond Issues in Woodbine, Iowa

Woodbine, Iowa

Story Narrative:

Speaker 1: Have you ever volunteered to work on a campaign?

Speaker 2: Yes, I volunteered to work on the bond issue campaign; those of us who supported it worked in groups, and we went to our areas where we lived and so I went since I live out in the country, I went to the neighbors and visited with them about the bond issue, answered their questions that they had, shared information that we have put together on the reasons why we needed the bond issue to pass.

It was a lot of work. I looked at it as an investment in the school district, an investment in the community and the investment in my children's education. And today, it's paying off for your education.

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Themes: Voices and Votes, participation, civic engagement, voting, education
Date recorded: Nov. 26, 2019, 11:51 a.m.
Length of recording: 55.80 s
Related traveling exhibition: Voices and Votes: Democracy in America
Sponsor or affiliated organization: Woodbine Community School, Woodbine, Iowa

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