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Visiting Lanesboro, Minnesota, for the First Time

As told by Blake Coleman
Lanesboro, Minnesota

Story Narrative:

"Hi, it's Blake Coleman, and we're sitting on my back porch in Lanesboro, Minnesota, and I'll tell you a little story. The first time we saw Lanesboro was in 2002. We were living in Rochester, (MN), at the time, and our daughter who was in college came to visit, and she was a theater major, and she wanted to see a play. So, we found out about the Commonwealth Theater in Lanesboro. We came down here to see Ibsen's "The Builder".

It was February; it was a cold day. We came into Lanesboro from Rochester, and we came over the hill. It was just getting dark, and it felt like we were entering Brigadune. It was just a magical place. My wife and I at that time said we're going to live here sometime. And 10 years ago from today, almost to the day, we bought a house and moved to Lanesboro. It's a unique community. We really like it. The people are what make the town. They're friendly. They're warm. It just makes you feel at home. Even strangers are welcomed in Lanesboro."

This story was collected as part of a collaborative effort to record, gather, and share stories about small-town America. Listen to other stories recorded by storytellers from Lanesboro, Minnesota, for the "Be Here: Main Street" project on the Be Here: Lanesboro channel.

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