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Vinegar Pie from Sylva, North Carolina

Sylva, North Carolina

Story Narrative:

The North Carolina mountains spawned this vinegar pie recipe. "Growing up in North Carolina, my family used to go to the mountains and stay in a house that my grandfather built, and a couple times we went to the Jarrett House, which is in Western North Carolina, and I'll always remember they had a recipe for vinegar pie. You can find it anywhere online now. It's absolutely amazing. It's just vinegar, sugar, butter, and that's about it in a pie shell and couple of eggs. And, it's amazing, so, look it up!"

Part of the "Stories from Main Street" project--an effort to collect stories about small-town life across the United States. The project was the brainchild of the Smithsonian's "Museum on Main Street" program, an initiative that brings traveling exhibitions about subjects of national importance to small towns across America.

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