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Tree Farming in Minnesota--Mike Dretch

As told by Mike Dretch
Frazee, Minnesota

Story Narrative:

Mike Dretch of Frazee, Minnesota, talks about how and he and his wife returned their beef cattle farm to a more natural state, "putting the land back to its natural state."

This story was collected as part of a collaborative effort to record the state of American lakes, rivers, and waterways as well an attempt to uncover what water means to Americans. Listen to other stories recorded by the Minnesota Humanities Center for their We Are Water MN initiative, an outgrowth of our national traveling exhibition "Water/Ways."  

"We plant 3,000-4,000 every year, every other year. With the encroachment of everything, if we don't help wildlife, they can't help themselves. It's important to us to keep a good ecosystem going. We have two bodies of water . . . we put up wood duck house to get to enjoy the wildlife here. On the backside of our property, there's a wetland restoration, where they flooded 400 acres, between us five landowners. They brought the water up to a certain elevation . . . It's amazing the amount of wildlife that's been attracted to his area."

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