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Traditional Recipes During the Holidays

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

"There are a number of traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family. Unfortunately, we’re using them less and less now because they generally have the real butter and all of the other ingredients we now know to be harmful. But for holidays especially, we go back to those traditional recipes. They are always the things I remember my grandmother had cooked for farmhands. Her idea of making a celebration at Christmas was to cover the entire table with food. We had not only fried chicken, but we had fried steak. We had every kind of cornbread. You name it. It was breads. It was vegetables of all kinds. We had green beans. We had black-eyed peas. We had corn, of course. Just everything you can imagine, and it was to create a literal feast for those of us who were collected. My grandmother on my father’s side also had a special dish that she made, and it was a chicken and dumplings pie with a crust over it. Her husband was a doctor and she often entertained people from the community—this very small community in the little house, around their kitchen table."

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