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The Thrill of Hay Days, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about a memory you have of living in a small town.

"Growing up in a small town has its good times. Fall time, school just started and there's a sense of happiness in about everyone. Hay Days, a parade and fair that comes around every year around September, celebrating the good year of growing hay and fun. It is one of my most memorable moments. Buying tickets, walking downtown, then looking at which ride to go on first gives either a sense of adrenaline, excitement, or feeling carefree. Then I'd pay my minor five tickets, step onto the extreme ride called The Zipper and after riding it five times in a row I'd get kind of dizzy, and well nauseous.

So my nose gets a delightful aroma through food and I am drawn somehow to a funnel cake stand. After I was done scarfing down the delicious food and feeling so very guilty about it I decide to go feel even more guilty and spend some money on useless games to win mediocre prizes. The game that needs the most skill is the Wiffle-ball toss. I toss the ball making it in, thinking I'm going to get a giant stuffed animal. I don't. Instead, it's a tiny stuffed clown fish. I keep it anyways, so when I would get home my dog would have more fun with it than I ever would. Then for a moment time stops and you remember everything around you. Well, when I remembered that moment it was like end of night. Most of everybody was gone and my feet were throbbing."


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