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Technology and Learning in Small-town, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about what has changed over time in your town.

"I'm sure you've realized change is an eminent thing. One important thing that has changed over the years, is our way of learning. A vast majority of students today went from writing on chalkboards to typing on iPads. The difference between learning today and 12 years ago has changed immensely.
Back in the day, kids like me were reading from books and writing on chalkboards and writing on paper. Which, in this time, was kind of primitive, in my opinion, but it was cheap and it got the job done. About the only high tech thing we had were plug in projectors that you put papers on. Needless to say, we students are spoiled to have the things we have at this day and time. Nowadays, students are reading and writing on iPads. Whether this will help improve learning is up to how we decide to use it. You can either be serious and do what needs to be done, or you can mess around and play games. No doubt, we are very fortunate to be blessed with such technology today, but in the end, it's up to us, the students, to use responsibly."

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