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Take a Tour of Rogers City, Michigan, with a Teen

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

"Where people go to have fun in my community is go to the 40-mile Point Lighthouse. You get to see the really pretty view they have up there. You get to walk up to the top of the lighthouse. You can also go to the beach, which they have a shipwreck there that you can really check out and see what it looks like. You can also go down to the beach in the town, where you can go swimming, hang out with friends, build sandcastles.

Also, you can go to the bowling alley which is in Rogers City, and that's really cool to hang out with your friends and go bowling. You can go to the movie theater. They have really cool live plays they have people participate in. What else is there? There's another museum--it's the Bradley House Museum. He was one of the founders of Rogers City, so it was really cool seeing his house and different kinds of things that they had there that we don't have anymore. I think that's about it! Thanks!"

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