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Stories 4-History Learning Resources

Check out these fun and valuable resources to help you develop a Stories 4-History project in your community. Watch these videos to learn tips and techniques for telling the story of your hometown!



How to Conduct an In-Person Interview

Have a conversation with a family member, friend, neighbor, or someone in your hometown with a great story to tell! Watch this video to learn more about how to conduct a great, informative interview.



How to Give and Receive Feedback

Share your project with your classmates and friends and talk about your work. Learn how to give and receive feedback that will make everyone's projects better!



Elements of Stories

Do you want to tell a great story? Learn the core elements of a memorable story from the Smithsonian. Watch this video to learn how to make your project soar.



Elements of Cultural Storytelling

Cultural storytelling is the bedrock of your community's history and culture. Tell your own cultural story using the tips in this video!



How to Conduct Research

Where should you begin when you want to tell a story about your community's history? Watch this video to learn more about the types of information and sources that you should use to make your story accurate and more powerful.



Voices and Votes: The Meaning of Democracy

Check out this video featuring interviews with different Americans talking about what democracy means to them. What does it mean to you? Get your family, friends, and community talking about the meaning of democracy.



Voices and Votes: Diversity

How does America's history of immigration and cultural diversity have an impact on the democratic system? Communities have often struggled over the notion of who should be able to vote. How does democracy bring people with different backgrounds and voices together in your community?



Voices and Votes: A Vote, A Voice

How do Americans use voting to express their thoughts on the direction of the democratic process? Watch this video to hear people talk about why voting is important to them individually and also for the good of the country.



Voices and Votes: Protest and Petitioning

The voices of the people are an important part of American democracy. How do you and people in your hometown advocate for important issues and get the attention of local leaders?


Smithsonian Learning Labs

Power of the Press

Faces of Change in American Democracy


Storytelling Toolkit: How to Give and Get Feedback

Storytelling Toolkit: Elements of Cultural Storytelling

Storytelling Toolkit: Research

Storytelling Toolkit: Elements of Stories

Storytelling Toolkit: How to Interview