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Staying Young and Dancing in Orange Mound, Tennessee

Orange Mound, Tennessee

Story Narrative:

"Well, I'm eighty-five years old, and I retired as a principal with Memphis city schools after 43 3/4 years from the system, and to use my spare time in a way that enjoyed, I come to the Orange Mound community center, and at one time I joined a danced group called the energizers in which we learned dances and performed for the residents here from time to time, and one time we even went to Atlanta, Georgia, to perform in a dance group.

And, I also joined a group called the tap dancers, and I did tap dancing with the group. There was about 15 ladies and 2 men, and one of the gentlemen who performed with me has ceased. That left me the only one with the tap dancing group, so I felt a little odd being the only gentleman, and I quit for the time being. So, I come up here now and use my time to play checkers."

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