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The State Baseball Championship, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about participating in a local sporting event.

"Cozad is a small town in the great state of Nebraska. Because it has about 4000 people. It may be small, but it has great sporting events. There are baseball leagues for any age from tee-ball to legion. I play for the Cozad Junior Reds. This year we made it to state baseball, this was our first trip to state, which was held in Chadron. It's about a four hour drive there. Coming from a small town, everyone wanted to be there to watch, but didn't want to make the trip. The journey to Chadron was long and boring. It has nothing but hills and pastures. We stopped in Sidney Nebraska, at Cabellos for a little break.

We arrived in Chadron, and went to the field to take a look. It was big, but not very good. The infield was made up of little rocks, and the outfield had patches of dirt. The next morning, we had opening ceremony. All the teams went around the infield. We were the second to last game, so we had time to waste. We played Lincoln Lutheran, they had beat us earlier in the season. We knew we should've beat them, so were ready to play them again. We won eight to two, and found out we played Crete the next night. We lost to Crete, and played Lincoln Lutheran again. We beat them, and had a bracket swap. We played Gretna the next night, and beat them. Gretna went on to win the state title after we had beat them. We started our long way home with a good performance, knowing that next year we could win it all."


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