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Sports Rivalries in Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine

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How do sports bring people together in your community?

"I feel that sports in recent times, like in the '70s and '80s really connected people together because everybody would come. There were rivalries of different neighborhoods and parishes. We had a lot of parochial schools, Holy Family, Holy Cross, we had St. Peter's, St. Pat's. All the different schools had their own hockey teams and everybody would get together for these different types of competitions. The other thing about sports is, what we don't have now, is they used to be outdoor skating rinks, too, and that would bring a lot of people together, and we don't have that anymore.

It seems like over time, technology has taken over and there's just not so many different types of events that bring people together like there used to be back in the 60's, and even 50's and 40's. I wasn't around during those times, but, that's, I feel, was a very important part of this area. We did have a lot of sporting events then, and now we don't. It's kind of a sad thing."


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