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Soccer in Cozad, Nebraska: A Teen's Perspective

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

"I had just gotten back from Taco Bell before we were told the game was about to begin. Shivers ran down my back. I knew I was ready. As we put on our shoes, the referee passed by and told us the rules and checked our cleats. After we were all checked, we stood up to shake the other teams’ hands. We looked at each other wondering if this would be our last game. As we took the field, I ordered my team around, to get into their places.

Before we knew it, the whistle blew and the game was on. We ran back and forth on the field, not taking a second to catch our breath. As the other team scored, we were devastated, destroyed. We thought it was over, but we kept playing hoping that a goal would soon come. That moment never came. When the game ended, we were all exhausted. We were sad that we lost the game, but we still shook the other teams’ hands and congratulated them. We were happy and sad at the same time.

Sad because we knew we had lost the tournament but happy because we met a new rival. And, at the end, we vowed to come back and win, not to take it easy. We were determined to take their title next year."

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