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So Many Sports! Cleveland Ohio

As told by Christy and Jason
Cleveland, Ohio

Story Narrative:

"We're from Cleveland, Ohio. My name is Jason.

My name is Christy.

And how do sports bring people together in your community? There are several marathons that are ran such as the Rite-Aid marathon and the color run along with our major sports such as the Cleveland Browns, the Indians, and the Cleveland Cavs.

It gives everybody something to look forward to and it's a social thing where everybody's gathered together.

The Cleveland Indians, they place at home several says of the week along with the Browns every Sunday whether away or if they're at home. People either gather at the stadium to watch the game of or, if they're away, at the local bars restaurants, or homes within the city.

Our intent is to bring the best out in people. 

All of them through sports."

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