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Small-town Michigan Parades

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

What do you do for fun in your small town?

"Last year, the fourth of July we were in a parade. Me and . . . Erika was supposed to be a mermaid princess, and I was supposed to be mermaid queen. Except, we didn't have our crowns. It was a . . . but me and Erika, we were on floaties, but it looked like we were on actual water. But our truck was covered with balloons. (Laughs) It was awesome. I had a pink and white dress, red stripes. It had layers of silky feeling . . . fabric and ... And some normal fabrics, and all sorts of stuff. We threw out popsicles and colored popcorn with red, white and blue on it. And me and Erika forgot to throw it out. But my Grandma saw me but she was way . . . "

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