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A Shoe Maker at Monterey Mills, Tennessee

Cowan, Tennessee

Story Narrative:

Tell us about a job you remember.

Speaker 2: What was your job at the Monterey Mills? What did you do there?

Speaker 1: Shoe factory.

Speaker 2: You actually made shoes?

Speaker 1: I cut the patterns.

Speaker 2: You cut the patterns?

Speaker 1: Mm-hmm.

Speaker 2: Did you like that job? Did you like that work?

Speaker 1: Yes. It was all we could find.

Speaker 2: Did they ... Were they good wages? Were there ...

Speaker 1: At that time, I made 35 cents hourly.

Speaker 2: Wow. You supported a family on that?

Speaker 1: It was all I had.

Speaker 2: That's amazing.

Speaker 1: It was after World War II.

Speaker 2: How long did you work there?

Speaker 1: 12 years. I just didn't leave.

Speaker 2: Mm-hmm.

Speaker 1: I didn't quit. I just didn't go back. They were explaining how they ... I wouldn't get any benefits or anything like that.

Speaker 2: They weren't going to give you that gold watch. Pocket watch when you retired . . .


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