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Seeing the Good that Individuals Can Do

Meridian Charter Township, Michigan

Story Narrative:

What does living in small town teach you?

"What does living in small town teach you? I'd say the thing that living in a small town teaches you the most, coming from a small town myself of about four or five hundred people is all, is that when you know everyone in the town, like you usually do living in a small town, you really see the good that an individual can do. When you live in a big town, lots of people do good things but you don't really see it. You don't get recognized by the community as a whole often because you're part of a giant crowd, so you're overlooked. Where living in a small town, you see the good things that people do. "

In a big town, you see what's going on in the community through the news, but the news mainly reports on the bad things that are going on. Where when you're living in a small town, you get recognition from your peers for even little things that you might not get recognized for in a big town, because people are noticing what you're doing since everyone knows each other.

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