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The Secret Navy Drones in DeKalb, Illinois

As told by Jeff Kinner and the DeKalb County History Center
Sycamore, Illinois

Story Narrative:

DeKalb County History Center and several partners in DeKalb County, IL collected 100 objects about the country that will be displayed in an exhibition titled “History of DeKalb County in 100 Objects,” opening on June 11, 2022. Inspired by this exhibition and as a part of Museum on Main Street’s Coming Home project, area students created a project inspired by one of the 100 selected objects. Each student completed deep research on the topic, interviewed local residents, and edited and produced a video. Topics include: the North Grove One Room School, the Olympic Torch, the Navy’s TDR – 1, and the Sycamore Pumpkin Fest.

Media Files: