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Seaweed Farming in Connecticut

As told by Anoushka Concepcion
Groton, Connecticut

Story Narrative:

Submitted as part of the Women Mind the Water Digital Stories Project.

"My name is Anoushka and I grew up in Queens, New York. And, I’ve always loved the water, always been fascinated by it. But what my connection to the water, really became real to me was when I discovered aquaculture and sea farming. And, all the negative things associated with sea farming, to me, it didn’t matter because I saw it as a way of growing food to feed people. And, coming from a country like India where the majority of the population was in poverty or below the poverty rate, it just makes sense. Growing high quality protein with low costs to feed people and it is nutritious food to give people nutrients and for children to grow up being healthy. And, that is why I love the water and my connection to water. It just seems to be a win-win for everyone.

I am an extension agent with sea grant in Connecticut and I work with the aquaculture community in Connecticut which mostly grows shellfish, so oysters and clams. And, a lot of what these men and women are facing now with climate change, they are looking for ways to diversify in what they are growing. So now they are interested in growing seaweed. So that’s been a big challenge because it’s such a new crop for the state of Connecticut. So what I am doing is working with all the people in Connecticut that are interested in seaweed – the regulators, the growers, the consumers, children – and trying to get conversations started so everyone can figure out a way to work together, so that everyone can start growing seaweed along with oysters and clams."


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