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School-related Bond Issues in Woodbine, Iowa

Woodbine, Iowa

Story Narrative:

Speaker 1: Do you have a special story about voting?

Speaker 2: Hmmm . . . a story concerning voting that is most memorable to me is when the Woodbine community voted on the latest bond issue for the school district.

That bond issue started in the late 1990s, and it took three votes of the people, of the Woodbine community school district, to get passed. The bond issue was for a new classroom addition and a new gym and a small commons area, and in Iowa, it takes the 60% majority in order for a school bond issue to pass, and our bond issue was complicated because there were two questions to it, so questions had to pass at 60%. If either question failed to pass, the whole bond issue failed. And what I learned through the process was that, it takes a combination of compromise and education and support for a bond issue to pass.

A lot of Woodbine patrons were very much in favor of the bond issue, but there were some that were against it, and each time that it was brought up for a vote, the district and those of us in support of it worked very hard to educate the public on what the bond issue consisted of, why we needed it, and how it would be paid for, and after two attempts failed, we brought it to the people a third time. And, the third time it did pass and so, as a result, we have the new gymnasium and classroom addition which has the preschool and high school rooms and that's what you students are enjoying today.

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