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San Antonio, Texas, Family Heritage

As told by Mimi Lazona Holsman
San Antonio, Texas

Story Narrative:

"My name is Mimi Lazona Holsman. And probably the most meaningful trip I’ve ever made, although I have traveled all over the world, is when I went back to San Antonio, Texas. I went there for a genealogy conference and that was where I was born. And what I found out about myself probably fits in very strongly with the journey here because it turns out that my grandmother, the family on her side, were the founders of San Antonio in 1731. Families came in, asked by the King of Spain, to come and populate what was at that time wilderness. Well, they came from the Canary Islands and settled in San Antonio.

To find out that that was my route, that that was my heritage was very, very exciting, made a tremendous change in my life, the perception of who I am. And I have pursued finding out more about my family roots and taking my lines back to Spain back to the 1400-1500s with information that’s available to everyone. I think it’s an exciting adventure when people start trying to understand what their roots are. And, that’s why this “Journey Stories” [exhibition] is exciting to see. And, they’re beautifully done, the posters and the photos. The items they have are very sensitive and very tender, and it’s very special."

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