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Salt Creek - A Place to Retreat in California

As told by Cristina S.
Salt Creek, Laguna Beach, California

Story Narrative:

Submitted as part of the Women Mind the Water Digital Stories Project.

"I was at the beach to capture some scenes with the water. I was there to capture the soft light that this time of the day can put out a show! The light kept getting better and I kept shooting until I got this shot.

It was very soothing to watch the waves go in and out and to catch the soft light in the ocean water. It made me feel very relaxed and not worried about all the hurdles I have been going through since moving to Southern California. There is nothing like the sound of the waves that is very soothing to the soul and relaxing. Nothing feels like being at the beach listening to the waves go in and out and also the smell and the seagulls flying around and the surfers making all that great sound they make when wiping out. Water is freedom, water is life, water is nature, water is peace and water gives life. Water washes away all the stresses of life!"

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