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Safety and Security in Cozad, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

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Talk about life in your town.

"Living in the town of Cozad, Nebraska is in ways really good. I've lived in Cozad my whole life. I couldn't see myself living somewhere since I've lived here for so long. There's not really many things to do in Cozad. In Cozad, we have a bowling alley and stores to shop at. There's not many choices, but it's all still fun. There are a lot of jobs available in Cozad. Teenagers have limited job options, they could work at Burger King, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Ronzos, Subway, Alco, Sonny's and some other places. Most people younger than 18 can only work at fast food restaurants or stores that take people 17 and younger.

There are some advantages for living in a small town. There is a lot less crimes that happen here compared to in big towns or cities. Cozad is a great place for people to live if they want to live in a peaceful town with minimum crimes and if people want to start a family."

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