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Robert Duvall: Off to College, Texas

As told by Lyndon
Marshall, Texas

Story Narrative:

A screenshot of a website with a black background, along with audio recordings and a map.

Seventh grade students in Marshall, Texas, worked in coordination with the Texas State Historical Association and National History to create multimedia websites that includes interviews with family, friends, and local residents. The work was supported by Museum on Main Street's Youth Access Grants in 2013-2014. In this project, a student interviews his grandfather and created a companion website to host his work.

Lyndon (00:00): I was born in Marion, Kentucky in May 29th, 1941.

Robert Duvall (00:11): How old are you right now to this day?

Lyndon (00:14): I'm 72 years old.

Robert Duvall (00:19): Did you have a job when you were a child?

Lyndon (00:23): I worked on the farm until I graduated from high school in 2000, I mean 1959. That was my job, on the farm.

Robert Duvall (00:43): How is life compared then to today?

Lyndon (00:51): Business was hard, you work long hours, but being a CPA I'm still working long hours. Difference is I get paid for it. And I would rather be back on the farm then in my office.

Robert Duvall (01:20): What would your advice be to the younger generation?

Lyndon (01:27): Advice is be good, stay out of jail, don't drink alcohol, and don't use drugs.

Robert Duvall (01:39): All right. When did you come to Marshall?

Lyndon (01:43): 1960.

Robert Duvall (01:49): How old were you at that time?

Lyndon (01:51): I was 19 years old.

Robert Duvall (01:57): How did your family get to here, to Marshall?

Lyndon (02:00): My family stayed in Kentucky. I went to Marshall to go to college.

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