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Racing for Turkeys in Oklahoma

As told by Jill and Tanya
Norman, Oklahoma

Story Narrative:

Tell us about your holiday traditions.

Jill: Hi, this is Jill.

Tanya: This is Tanya.

Jill: And we're from Oklahoma, and motor cross is one sport in our community where family and friends and neighbors come together. So today, we're at a motor cross track.

Tanya: To win a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Jill: And we have sons and dads and daughters, all that competed in races, and pit back races to win a turkey.

Tanya: And we actually brought home three turkeys today that we've donated to the needy. And how many did your son get Jill? Jill: Two turkeys and one Cornish hen.

Tanya: Oh, that's so great.


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