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Puerto Rican Herbal Remedies

Cowan, Tennessee

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"Well, as . . . my mother . . . she was from Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico. And so she learned many different types of things, but one thing that's influenced me a lot in my life was just the fact that she had this bottle of herbs, right, and she'd mix with it with something called 'alcolado' which is made in a place called Ponce.

In English, it's called bay rum. And it's just this type of herbal remedy. And whenever I was sick with a cold or a fever, flu or whatever, she would pour it on top of me and cover me. And by the time I would go to bed and I would wake up ... I'd feel fine. And it's something that you don't really find in other places besides, my mother. The plants ... The herb that she used was from 'ruda.' I don't know what it is in English. But she'd mix it with something called bay rum and all together, it'd make a very useful herbal remedy."

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