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Pride in Local Sports

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

"I believe sports are good for our community. I believe they bring a lot of pride and teamwork and camaraderie. This usually goes for those who are playing the sports but I guess it can also be for those who are watching it as well. For those who are playing in it can also somewhat be dangerous for those who are on another team because it can also bring, you know, a lot of competition.

That can be a good thing and a bad thing, but for those who are playing it I think it could being also a lot of exercise that's good for you. But I think, for the most part, if you're playing the sport or you're watching it, I think it's really good to watch them and to have something to get along with, with other people. When you watch it with these people all the time and the people in your community, something you can get together with and then you can find other things to share in common with. Who knows I think sports is good for a lot of people even though some people think that it's bad for kids. I think it's good for them as well."

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