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Prairie State Park in Liberal, Missouri

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

What do people do for fun in your town?

"I live in a little town called Liberal, Missouri, and out here we have a state park, it's a Missouri state park, called Prairie State Park. And it's a four thousand acre native tall grass prairie, there's hiking trails, picnic areas, there's a small creek that people like to swim in, there is some camping areas, people can go out and backpack actually into the prairie to camp.

There's bison and elk and all sorts of stuff, and that's one of the places that people in our community go to really enjoy their time and have some fun. Another place that they go is Lester B. Davis forest. It's actually a national, or excuse me, a wildlife reserve owned by I believe the Missouri Department of Conservation. And people really enjoy going there to hike the trails and see things. Otherwise if you want to do something fun, you have to leave Liberal and go to Lamar or Nevada, Pittsburgh Kansas or Joplin, Missouri, in order to go grocery shopping, or skating, or shopping or anything. And so that's really about the extent of it here."

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