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Pouring Kerosene at the Local Hardware Store, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Story Narrative:

Talk about a memorable job you've had.

"My first job was at a hardware store and I worked there from the time I was a sophomore in high school until the middle of my junior year. We sold everything at this small locally owned mom-and-pop hardware store from screws and paint and paintbrushes to my favorite, which was kerosene. At this time we didn't have a gauge or anything on the kerosene, so folks would come in with a five gallon drum and give it to us and we would walk in the back and just start pouring from the tap and have to listen to try to get the right amount in there. Nine times out of ten we weren't fast enough or didn't hear it well enough and kerosene would just go spilling all over the place and make a huge mess and we would clean it up with newspaper or whatever rags were around and just, I remember coming home week after week and just reeking of kerosene it was definitely the worse part of the job. But a fun one. A fun first job where I learned a lot."

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