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Not Your Typical Family Recipes

Midway, Florida

Story Narrative:

"Recipes that ... What recipes are passed down from generation to generation? My grandmother's pound cake. She makes an excellent pound cake. My cousin has those recipes. Her heavenly pie, which is like a cream cheese, and fruit topping pie. What else, macaroni and cheese is excellent. But, what I like about our family is, we've added onto our standard generation to generation recipes. We've added on things that are not the norm for African-American families, like your typical soul food. We've moved into more of a epicurean type of fare at our family functions. Now, we have just all these different types of recipes to give to the next generation, that is not stamped with the stamp of just being African-American. I like that about our family. We have cream cheese and avocado sandwiches, and gumbo, and oyster Rockefeller casserole, and just all these nice little things. We're blessed that way."

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