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The Negative Aspects of Sports

Redwood Heights, California

Story Narrative:

How do sports bring people together in your community?

"Team sports do a really solid job of bringing together a whole bunch of people that the other people don't want to hang out with together. You all know sports fans. You see them all the time going to the little sports events with their flags and their common uniforms that they have to wear to have some sort of common identity. It's like for millionaires acting poorly in their normal lives but they're getting paid to do it and even when they mess up, which would clearly get you fired from your own job, we're still cheering them on instead of replacing them with other hungry people who have just as much talent but want to do the same job.

It's completely irrational, it doesn't teach us a single thing about community living or work or an identity that you can associate with. All those people can hang out together and high five each other until their hands fall off, that's great. The other sports like running or cycling or individual things, but the really nice thing about those kind of sports is you can do them by yourself. I think that individual sports have a great way for each person that really wants to do their own thing to literally be able to do their own thing and occasionally hang out with people that you like to do the same thing as well. Those other people watching team sports, they can have that and they can be taught those same stupid lessons over and over again. . ."


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