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The Nebraska State Wrestling Championship

Miller, Outside of Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about participating in a sporting event.

"One of my best memories in Cozad sports is making it to State Wrestling. All my hard work that I put into wrestling during the season, and then the off season camps finally paid off during districts. All the miserable dieting, and mental toughness paid off during my last match to go there. After districts the fun begins. The journey to State Wresting in Omaha, Nebraska is one of the best times I ever had in my wrestling career. I made sure I got my butt kicked, but there are so many people around, it's kind of distracting when you're wrestling on the mat. On the ride down we were all joking around, picking on each other, and just had a good time. While we were down there we go out to the mall, Cabela's, and check out some ladies. The days we wrestle, we all get pretty serious, but once we were done or get beat out, it's time to eat, and just walk around and drink lots of pop.

I was beaten out on the second day of State Wrestling, and so was Bernie, a fellow teammate that also went to state. After State, I did absolutely nothing but stuff my face and drink gallons, and gallons of Dr. Pepper each and every single day until I got absolutely tired of it. Now that it's been a year, I'm planning on wrestling still at my weight class form last year, which was 182. I try to keep my grades up at all times to wrestle at every single meet. Hopefully I make it to State again and come back with a State medal to show off, and be on the State medalist wall in our weight room."

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