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Moving from Massachusetts to Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

How did you come to live in your town?

"When I lived in Massachusetts my dad wanted to come out to Nebraska and get his own place. My dad and my two brothers and I all moved to Cozad, Nebraska, at the Haymaker Courts. I was depressed that we were moving. I cried when we left Massachusetts, I thought I would never see my grandmother ever again. I started to like Cozad after we lived there for a while. When we got all settled in, I went outside and met a new friend. At first I liked going to Cozad school, I met a lot of new people and became friends with everyone. When my grandma moved to Cozad to be closer to us, I was so happy. So, she lived there for almost two years and she moved to Maywood to get a bigger house and have more room. Ever since I moved here I've been a different person. I miss my used-to-be home in Massachusetts. There was always things to do, now there isn't anything fun. Back east there was things like hiking, going into the pretty forest to collect leaves or go on the rocks, go into the awesome stores and the parks. I remember the park very well. My brother Cary and I would always go there with our cousin Nicki. There was always things to do, going to the zoos was the best."

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