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More Than Corn Fields, Nebraska

Papillion, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Where do people go to have fun in your town?

"Where do people go to have fun in your community. Alright, so I live in Nebraska, that town people don't live in . . . cause it's not that popular like California or New York or Florida, you know. But, here you can still have fun. I mean if you think that Nebraska is just a whole bunch of corn fields and farms, yeah, we have a lot of that but it depends on the city you go to. I live in Papillion, and it's actually rated top four of the greatest cities I think in the U.S. or something. But, here, you got Fun-Plex. People come here from different places to go to Fun-Plex. It's pretty fun, where they've got the Quest Center here downtown. Things can go on here. We have a lot of faires here, so I think it's kind of cool. Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. You can just go hang out with friends and do stuff like that."

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Themes: Crossroads, small towns, faires, festivals, teens, recreation
Date recorded: 2011
Length of recording: 0:57 s
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