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Middle School Fun in Small-town Kansas

Franklin, Kansas

Story Narrative:

Speaker 1: Where do people have fun in your community?

Speaker 2: Lowe's Skateway.

Speaker 1: What do you do there?

Speaker 2: You skate.

Speaker 1: You skate with who?

Speaker 2: With your friends and it's really fun.

Speaker 1: What town is that in?

Speaker 2: It's in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Speaker 1: What do you do to have fun?

Speaker 3: Hang out with my friends.

Speaker 1: Okay. Do like going to the mall or do you go to Walmart? What do you do?

Speaker 4: I like to hang out at Walmart, buy some things, and buy some Kool-Aid, some Twizzlers. I like Twizzlers. Hot Cheetos. What y'all like?

Speaker 5: I like Twizzlers. And Twix, yes. And Twix. I love Twix. And Milk Duds.

Speaker 1: How old are you guys?

Speaker 4: I am 14.

Speaker 1: So what school do you go to?

Multiple Speakers: Pittsburg Community Middle School.

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Date recorded: May 14, 2013, 3:19 p.m.
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Related traveling exhibition: Crossroads: Change in Rural America
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