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Mexican Family Dinners in Cozad, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about a memory you have of living in a small town.

"When I was really little my grandma (inaudible 00:00:04) always had family over on Sundays and she was cooking Mexican food. Of course it was because my family on my dad's side are all Hispanic. I loved her cooking. The food was amazing. Every Sunday since I was six years old we have gone and eaten and spent time with our whole family. Sundays were days that I love for other reasons besides the amazing food. Being with the whole family was just a great time. Sometimes my grandma was getting tired of cooking, so on some Sundays she took us out to eat and everyone chose El Prado, which is a very good Mexican restaurant.

It was fun just being with family and eating amazing food, even though it wasn't my grandma's homemade Mexican food. Some day I want this family tradition to carry on, because when I have family I want my wife and kids to enjoy this amazing food that my grandma fixed on every Sunday. Well, not every Sunday, but when she cooks food you never want her to stop fixing food because it's amazing. This tradition will end sometime because my grandma is starting to get old, but I will always love her cooking and hope that some day I can have her cooking skills."


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