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Memories from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

As told by Marilyn Dark Blanks
Alexander City, Alabama

Story Narrative:

“We had a wonderful childhood. I can't say anything but what a wonderful childhood that Karen, and Johnny, and I had here in Alex City. We attended the schools here. We went to Miss (Towrie's) kindergarten. Mom and Dad always made sure we had what we needed, but we didn't have more than we needed. We were not spoiled. When we were very young, when I was six, Mom and Dad decided they would take us all out West on a six week trip through the West. One of our favorite family stories, and this is true. 

In Yellowstone, we stopped in Yellowstone and got out. My brother got out first. He was going to the restroom. It was log cabins there at Yellowstone National Park. He ran into a bear. He came running back around the cabin, and Mom and I were just getting out of the car. He was going, 'A bear!' Mom was going, 'A bear?' She ran all over me trying to get into the car. My brother had to pick me up by the seat of pants and threw me back in the car also. That's one of our little stories that we remember from our childhood.

This story was collected in 2011 by the Alabama Humanities Foundation in connection with the Museum on Main Street traveling exhibition "Journey Stories."

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